Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tragic Love Teaser #1

As promised, here is a teaser from the second book in the Sulfur Heights Series, Tragic Love. Please keep in mind this is the unedited version. Enjoy!

Teaser #1 Presley's POV

My feet start to move quickly as I make my way down through old buildings toward the bar. In a few short minutes I make my way to the parking lot and I need to stop to catch my breath. The heat is sucking all the air from my lungs, along with my guilt for what I've done. I pull open the door and I can hear Darcie screaming at Drake. Reggie is restraining his arms, pinning them behind his back. His eyes meet mine and they break all over again. I have to save him. I can't bring him down with all the ugliness growing inside of me.

I slowly walk through the bar and keep my eyes solely on his. Darcie is turning her anger to me, but I shut it down because only Drake matters in this moment. No one else. I reach into my pocket and pull the small white pill from its depths. Placing it in the palm of my hand, I show him exactly what it is and his bloodshot, drunken eyes meet mine, slowly. Reggie releases his hold on Drake allowing him to lower his arms to his sides.

"What's that?" He asks with a slurred tongue as he shrugs his shoulders, loosening them from the tension inflicted by Reggie.

"I didn't do it. I was waiting for something good to stop me, and then...there you were. You are more important to me than my own life and I can't hurt you by doing this." I whisper as I pick up the pill and place it in his sweaty hand.

His eyes look at the pill and he turns it over with his fingers in his hand. The confusion in his eyes is apparent when he studies the small white tablet. He can't even look at me and I don't blame him. I've ruined any trust he's had in me and I deserve it. Drake tips his hand to the side, allowing the pill to drop to the floor. As it hit the ground, Drake lifts his booted foot then slams it onto the tile. He twists his heel, grinding the pill into a fine white powder. He slowly lifts his head and looks over to Reggie. "So now you know." Then pushes past me, brushing his arm against mine and walks out on all of us.

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