Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tragic Love Goes Live 11/06/2013

Mark your calendars. Tragic Love goes live on 11/06/2013.  Here's a blurb to get by until then.

            “From the moment I locked eyes with hers, we've had this undeniable connection that was and will always be wicked. A love that would literally kill me if it didn't survive, but lately, could kill me if it did.” ~Drake Evans.
            For Drake and Presley, life has handed them more challenges than any one person should ever face in a lifetime. Together, they've survived Presley’s captivity from her deranged uncle, but now they must learn how to live with the events that surrounded her time spent with him, while keeping the details of her rescue a secret.
For Presley Quinn, living the last two years has been practically unbearable, constantly drowning in nightmares put there by a man responsible for the violent imagines continually playing in her mind. She keeps moving forward, but is barely clinging onto the edge when she’s faced with another obstacle from her past that is so unavoidable, so tragic, it threatens to break her apart—herself.
            Drake will do anything to protect Presley from ever feeling pain again. His love is irrefutable. He walks side by side with her, vowing he will never let anyone harm her again. However, when an unexpected event turns Presley against everyone she’s ever loved, Drake is faced with trying to save the only woman he’s ever loved or severing the only lifeline she’s ever had—himself.

            **Mature Content Warning** 17 years and older for language and sexual content.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tragic Love Teaser #2

Happy Saturday lovely readers!  I wanted to make your weekend a happy one and give you another teaser. Keep in mind this is the unedited version. Don't forget to mark you calendars, Tragic Love goes live 11/06/2013.

Drake's POV
“Don’t! Don’t you dare act like you know nothing about this.” I begin to walk toward Delilah and at any moment I can feel my body start to really lose it.  Her eyes are drenched and she's starting to tremble as she quickly picks up on how angry I am. The sickest feeling is growing in my gut as my mind's telling me where Presley could be, but my heart doesn't want to believe it. Closing the gap between us, I grab a hold of Delilah’s arms and lightly shake her. I know she knows, but I need to hear it from her. “Where is she?” I scream in her face. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tragic Love Cover Shoot

Good luck to my cover designer, Sara Janis, who has a horrible job of photographing the Brazilian male model for the Tragic Love cover.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Feeling Fortunate

I'm feeling incredibly fortunate! Not only do I have great family and friends who've supported my writing career, but I have amazing editors. Thank you C&D Editing for words of encouragement and advice! You're irreplaceable!