Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tragic Love Teaser #2

Happy Saturday lovely readers!  I wanted to make your weekend a happy one and give you another teaser. Keep in mind this is the unedited version. Don't forget to mark you calendars, Tragic Love goes live 11/06/2013.

Drake's POV
“Don’t! Don’t you dare act like you know nothing about this.” I begin to walk toward Delilah and at any moment I can feel my body start to really lose it.  Her eyes are drenched and she's starting to tremble as she quickly picks up on how angry I am. The sickest feeling is growing in my gut as my mind's telling me where Presley could be, but my heart doesn't want to believe it. Closing the gap between us, I grab a hold of Delilah’s arms and lightly shake her. I know she knows, but I need to hear it from her. “Where is she?” I scream in her face. 

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