Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another Tragic Love Teaser

I can’t help myself, taking in as much of him as I can, I start planting little kisses to my favorite spot on his neck. He smells wonderful, with a hint of cologne and the only smell I’ve ever loved underneath, his smell. When he swings me around, my lips instantly go to his and I kiss him with so much passion my lips instantly swell up. I take my time becoming reacquainted with his tongue, taste and rhythmic dance as we rediscover each other. We haven’t said a single word, only allowing our lips to express the feelings of happiness oozing from every part of us.
I hear the deep voice of a man clearing his throat and it causes me to crack my eyes open. Our lips are still planted together when Jake comes into my line of sight. Tucked under his arm, Delilah is standing with tears in her eyes. She’s dabbing fallen tears with her white handkerchief and looking happier than I’ve ever seen her.

Drake breaks our kiss and slowly slides me down his body, planting a small kiss to the tip of my nose. Before I can fully turn to Delilah, she snatches me into her arms, squeezing me so hard it’s making it hard to breathe. I hold her back and allow the joy of this moment to take me over. My own tears begin to prick my eyes and instead of choking them back, I let them free fall down my cheeks. I love these kinds of tears; tears that come from happy moments. I haven’t cried these kinds of tears in a really long time and it feels invigorating. ~Presley Quinn, Tragic Love

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